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Popular in Hollywood, the ultimate red-soled shoes-pu adhesive for footwear
Views:  Update Date: Feb 15,2023
        The practice of adopting red as the color of sole originated in the red-soled shoes of the Louis XIV period, when red dye was so expensive that only the nobility could afford it-pu adhesive for footwear.
        In the early 1990s, Christian Louboutin invented the red-soled shoe. Soon after Christian Louboutin was founded, Moroccan princess Caroline fell in love with red-soled shoes, and then Hollywood set off a red-soled shoe craze.
pu adhesive for footwear1

        After twenty years of perseverance and hard work, as long as the world's fashion women see a red sole, everyone must know that it is Christian Louboutin. Almost everyone who knows the brand Christian Louboutin knows its owner, Christian Louboutin. Louboutin has a studio in Paris, and its threshold is almost broken by the world's A-listers, which is filled with high heels that he "tailors" for celebrities.

pu adhesive for footwear2

         Christian Louboutin's red-soled shoes generally cost more than 5,000 yuan, and high-end products sell for 60,000 yuan. Many aristocrats and celebrities are its fans, such as Diana, Victoria Beckham, Ladygaga...
pu adhesive for footwear3
Expelled from school three times, he created a fashion kingdom
        Born in Paris in 1963 to a civilian family, Louboutin's father was a carpenter and his mother worked as a domestic servant.
        This guy is also an unusual man, who has been expelled from school three times at the age of 12 and then ran away from home, but his mother dotes on her children so much that Louboutin can enjoy freedom at a very young age that ordinary children cannot enjoy-pu adhesive for footwear.
        Strangely, this rebellious boy did not become a wandering street gangster, on the contrary, he wandered all day in the museums in Paris, which would put thick diagonal lines on the logo of high heels in order to avoid high heels scratching the floor, but Louboutin was attracted by this magical shoe, and he discovered for the first time that shoes could be so beautiful.
        In 1992, he started his own brand, but he always worried about the logo of his shoes, and when he looked at his shoes, he always felt that something was missing. That's when Christian Louboutin saw one of his employees wearing beautiful Chanel red nail polish. Louboutin immediately thought that it might be a good idea to use red as a symbol for his shoes, so he finished his shoes and painted the beautiful red on his shoes. Since then, that bright red has become the most dazzling symbol of Christian Louboutin.

     "The red sole is like lipstick on the shoes, making people want to kiss them, and the exposed toes are even sexier."
         Louboutin says that, "I never thought I would start a company, and the only thing I wanted to do was to take the design to the extreme".

         In July 2011, rival Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) began selling women's shoes with a red sole, and Louboutin accused the brand for "illegal competition" and "trademark infringement." However, the Federal Court dismissed his lawsuit by holding that the red sole, despite its characteristics, could not be regarded as an exclusive "trademark."
         Although Louboutin failed to win the red-soled shoe franchise, the people were completely captured by Christian Louboutin-pu adhesive for footwear.
Definitely not by comfort, but by sexiness to kill
         Having a pair of red-soled shoes is every woman's dream. But getting a handle on red-soled shoes is not an easy task.
         Christian Louboutin's heel is generally around 16 cm, while many people will say that comfort is an important factor in a pair of shoes, Louboutin believes that "using the word comfort to describe women's shoes is simply a sin." "The work I do isn't about comfort, it's about beauty, and comfort is easy to fix, but making women feel good about themselves and making them feel confident is what I really do."

      Although red-soled shoes are not primarily concerned with women's comfort, there is a very complex engineering design behind the production of such a pair of shoes; and as an object to support human weight, it must be precisely balanced. To make a perfect pair of heels, you need to concern a lot of things, such as a last, a metal bar to support the heel.

The ultimate trick: do one thing well in life
        Louboutin has been designing shoes for almost 25 years, and today he is one of the world's top luxury designers. 
        Since the brand's inception, he has been advised to do many other things, such as designing cars, mobile phones, belts and all kinds of fashion clothing, but he refused.
   "I think there are people who do these things better than me, dedicated car designers are definitely more professional than me, and there are great fashion designers, so why use my brand? Of course, because of the fame, but this is far from enough. ”

          Today, Christian Louboutin sells more than 1 million pairs of red-soled shoes a year, and many people ask him if he has a successful business model? Louboutin puts it this way, "Beauty has less to do with business models, it comes from my deep understanding of women and their feet, and I know how to make them have the most pleasure." ”

       "Forget about the five-year plan" is what Louboutin often says. "The secret to my brand's longevity is having no direction. I never make plan, my primary goal is to enjoy every day, I never thought I would start a company, the only thing I wanted to do was to design to the extreme. ” 

(11)) Upper: The upper is the part of the shoe other than the sole. It is grouped by the upper and the reinforced upper; The value of finished shoes is mainly reflected in the upper, which is one of the determining factors for the service life of the entire leather shoe.
(2) Middle top: The middle top located at the the back of the little toe's endpoint. It is the key element determining the beauty, comfort, durability and resistance of the entire shoe.
(3) Lining: Generally refers to the inner part of the upper (the insole also belongs to lining), which is in the inner cavity of the shoe, but its technical requirements can not be ignored. The lining must have moisture absorption, wear resistance, support, bending resistance and other conditions, and its exposed part must be nice-looking.

【Adhesive Applications】
1. [Upper glue]
A. Hand coating operation: 103, 103B, 103H
B. Spraying operation: 873B, 98W
Suitable materials: suitable for PU leather, PVC leather, leather, fabric and other materials, widely used in women's fashion shoes, sports shoes upper positioning, laminating.
2. [Glue for wrapping]
Product model: 285K, 285A, 285AA
Suitable materials: shoe wrapping for men's and women's shoes.
3. [Insole glue]
Suitable materials: PU leather, PVC leather, pig skin, etc.
B. Sports insole: 6388, 6301
Suitable materials: EVA, nylon cloth, tarpaulin, stretch cloth and other materials.
4. [Bottom glue]
B. Water-based PU glue: 820W, 820W(1)
Suitable materials: suitable for leather, hard leather, oil leather, PVC, rubber, TPR, EVA and other leather materials, widely used in high-end men's and women's leather shoes, sports shoes, etc.
5. [Combined bottom glue]
Suitable materials: suitable for EVA laminating EVA, EVA laminating rubber combination in shoe factory, mainly used for shoe factory combination sole, beach slippers, sandwich bottom.
B. Rubber combination: 868HK, 808
Suitable materials: rubber, PVC edge strip and other combinations.
6. [Glue for midsole]
Product model: 01A, 03A, 08A
Suitable materials: benzene-free strong midsole glue, suitable for cardboard laminating cardboard, cardboard laminating green board, cardboard laminating red board, widely used in men's and women's shoe midsole.
7. [Heel covering glue]-pu adhesive for footwear
Product model: 470 (1), 470 (2), 585 special
Suitable materials: suitable for layer leather genuine leather fitting genuine leather, genuine leather cover ABS heel, PU leather cover ABS heel, genuine leather cover waterproof platform, PU leather cover waterproof platform, products are used for medium and high-end women's shoe heel, layer leather heel, wedge heel.