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Shoe resin glue brand ranking strong Good resin: artificial turf glue
Views:  Update Date: Feb 27,2023
Artificial turf and "indoor and outdoor decoration" have aroused people's strong attention to plastic materials and laying artificial turf, and we have to check every process in the use of plastic and outdoor decoration materials and all aspects of paving. Nowadays, no matter what the aspect is, we are paying more and more attention to the impact of the environment on our own health, and every detail of the living environment needs attention.
Shoe resin glue brand ranking Good resin decoration adhesive is produced in accordance with national standards, showing high cost performance in the glue industry; so choosing Good resin adhesive for laying artificial turf, advertising spray painting and other indoor and outdoor decoration is a guarantee of trust.
Shoe resin glue brand ranking Good resin artificial turf glue
Model: Good HN-991
Viscosity: 2500-3500CPS/25°C
Heat resistance: 55-70°C
Solid content: 25-30%
1. Product features
The product has the characteristics of strong initial adhesion, good aging resistance and moderate opening time.
2. Scope of application
This product is widely used, suitable for outdoor decoration, art advertising and other industries, can bond aluminum-plastic panels, plywood, fireproof boards, MDF and other materials.
leather sticking glue1

Artificial turf

Aluminum-plastic panels
leather sticking glue2

Fireproof panels


III. How to use
1. Wipe off the oil stains, dirt and other dirt on the bonding surface, for surfaces that are particularly smooth and difficult to stick , it must be roughened first; when the water content is high, it should be dried first, and then bonded, so as to avoid bubbling and cracking after sticking.
2. Use a brush or scraper to evenly apply glue from the inside to the outside on the adhesive surface (if a large area is bonded, it is recommended to apply glue on both bonding surfaces at the same time), and let it dry for 5-15 minutes under 70% humidity at room temperature
3. Align it once with the bonding surface, squeeze from the inside to the outside (excluding bubbles), and fix it by knocking with a wooden hammer, then it will reach the use strength after 24 hours.
4. According to different bonding materials, the amount of glue per square meter should be appropriately determined.

Precautions for artificial turf glue
Construction environment: Do not carry out construction on rainy days. In rainy days, a layer of water film will be attached to the bonding surface, and the moisture is not easy to volatile after bonding; When the temperature is high, the water evaporates, and phenomena such as bubbling and falling off will occur.
Glue: gluing must be even, usually the thinner the better; if the glue is uneven, the solvent is easy to remain in the thick glue film.
Drying: the effect is better for a longer time, there will be non-stick phenomenon in rainy days or high humidity, you can use a hair dryer to heat the adhesive surface, remove the moisture attached to the surface, and then bond.
Stacking: First align to one side, attach a silk cloth to the wooden block and press, and stack it while pressing to exclude air bubbles. Finally, a wooden hammer is used to apply pressure.
Preservation: It is recommended not to put the freshly bonded material in a high temperature place, so as to avoid the instantaneous volatilization of the unvolatile solvent, and the bubble is produced, generally reaching the highest intensity in 48 hours.
Storage and packaging: sealed and stored in a cool and dry environment, 15kg iron barrel packaging.