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[Car Tips] Dashboard warning signs
Views:  Update Date: Jan 31,2023
 The various warning icons on the dashboard of the car are like alien texts, and they are dazzling. But in fact, these icons play a very important role in our daily driving, understanding the meaning of these icons can help us find the fault of the vehicle in time, so we can repair it early to ensure driving safety. For some of the more important icons in daily driving, we must understand it, let's take a look at what these icons represent.
Car Tips1
Engine oil indicator

If the indicator light is always on, indicating that the oil pressure is abnormal, be sure to get out of the car immediately to check, check whether the engine will be loud, whether there's oil leakage, and so on. If you feel that the engine is running abnormally, it is best to drive slowly to the nearest 4S store as soon as possible for testing. If there is an abnormality in the engine, it is better to call a trailer to tow it so as not to cause greater losses.
Car Tips2

   This light lights up, indicating that the engine has a "fever", that is, which means the water temperature is high. High water temperature may cause deformation of the engine cylinder head or even pull the cylinder, which is very dangerous. At this time, you need to stop immediately and wait for the water temperature to drop, check whether the water level of the auxiliary water tank is normal, and if there is a shortage of water, you can replenish it.

This light lights up to indicate that there is a problem with the generator charging system or battery, if the engine does not generate electricity, when the battery runs out, the car will break down. If there is a problem with the battery, the car may not be able to hit the car after it turns off.

 This light may stay on because of insufficient brake fluid or excessive wear of brake pads, it is recommended to reduce the speed, if possible, you should find a 4S shop as soon as possible for maintenance.

  This light may stay on because there is a problem with the engine of the car, especially in terms of the electronic control system; under normal circumstances, the car can continue to run, but will enter the emergency (protection) mode. In this case, you should consult the service staff of the 4S store as soon as possible.

  If this light lights up, indicating that the fuel is insufficient, you need to find a gas station to refuel as soon as possible, otherwise there will also be a risk of breakdown.

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