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Grafting shoe rubber super glue is commonly used in luggage factories, what glue is the most sticky?
Views:  Update Date: Feb 27,2023
    Speaking of grafting glue, connoisseurs know at once that it is widely used in luggage factories and shoe industry, today, we will focus on why grafting glue will be selected by the majority of luggage factories, because of the price of grafting glue? What glue is the most sticky? Or is there something more special in terms of performance? Don't worry, the Good Resin Research Institute will conduct relevant tests for everyone, let's understand how to use grafting glue!
      What glue is the most sticky? From the standpoint of considering the manufacturer, the Good Resin Research Institute specially conducted relevant tests to demonstrate the application of grafting glue:
●Odor and color test:
super glue1
PS: 1# Good 285K, 2# XXXin 285A1
Five-star list:
Good: ★★★ ☆
XXXin: ★★★ ☆
※Color: The color of Good is light, which can meet most materials, especially light materials; XXXin has a darker color, mainly dark materials.
※Odor: The smell of Good and XXXin is lighter.

●EVA, midsole cardboard, PVC leather material brushing performance test:

super glue2
Five-star list:
Good: ★★★★
XXin: ★★★★
※The products of Good and XXXin have good brushability, the overall painting is smooth and natural, no wire drawing, and the fluidity is nice.

●The viscosity maintenance test of EVA, midsole cardboard and PVC leather materials after 30min of glue:

PS: XXXin grafting glue
Five-star list:
Good: ★★★★
XXXin: ★★ ☆
※This test is based on the above materials after brushing the grafting glue and leaving it for 30min, folding and pasting the material in half and then spreading out, from which you can see how the viscosity of the bonding surface is, whether the surface of the material will be damaged to judge the viscosity of the grafted glue.
※The surface adhesion strength of the test material coated with Good grafting glue is relatively good after standing for 30min, the overall viscosity is maintained for a long time, and there are obvious tear marks on the surface after spreading; The viscosity maintenance time of XXXin is short, the adhesion of EVA and midsole cardboard is weak, the surface adhesion volatilizes quickly, the adhesion applied to PVC leather is better, and there are obvious tear marks on the surface.

●High temperature test:

Five-star list:
Good: ★★★★
XXXin: ★★★
※ Using 5mm thick PVC for high temperature resistance test (120°C×30 minutes), the heat resistance of a certain xin has a large room for improvement, and the void of the bonding surface of the material is obvious; The heat resistance of the Good is relatively high, and the elasticity of the material is tightly bonded.

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