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Innovation technology

Scientific research strength

Good Resin Research Institute has a high-quality engineer team and a series of advanced analytical instruments, cooperates with Guangzhou Institute of Chemistry of CAS (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Sun Yat-sen University and other scientific research institutes, with the development of environmentally friendly adhesive products as the main goal, and is committed to solving the sizing process and various bonding and surface treatment problems encountered by users in the application process, and systematically promoting mature clean production processes, technologies and products, promoting the transformation of technology and the overall improvement of the technical level of the industry.

The company has successfully established Guangdong Engineering Technology Research and Development Center and undertook a number of international and provincial science and technology projects; it's going to establish an enterprise postdoctoral workstation, actively participate in international talent competition, recruit postdoctoral researchers on the basis of merit, and cultivate high-level technological innovative talents and management talents for enterprises.

Institution-enterprise cooperation project development base

1. "R&D and industrialization of eco-friendly yellow-resistant and cold-resistant hybrid water-based adhesives" industry-university-research project

2. "R&D and industrialization of high-performance yellowing-resistant environment-friendly core-shell copolymer water-based adhesive" institution-corporate cooperative project

3. One-component water-based acrylic multi-purpose adhesive cured at room temperature

4. One-component quick-drying at room temperature water-based foam glue

"Industry-University-Research Cooperation Agreement" partnership

1. "Energy-saving and emission-free adhesive - high-performance solvent-free PU adhesive series of products for shoe materials and food packaging compounding" international project

2. "Technical research and development of shoe adhesives, varnishing and surface treatments" project

Science and technology awards

1. Key new products in Guangdong Province

The sealing process is used to produce alcohol-soluble environment-friendly polyurethane adhesive resin for shoes

2. Science and Technology Research Achievements in Foshan 

The sealing process is used to produce alcohol-soluble environment-friendly polyurethane adhesive resin for shoes

Using catalyst without heavy metal to manufacture environment-friendly triphenyl-free polyurethane adhesive resin for shoes

3. Science and Technology Progress Award in Foshan

Using waste polyurethane materials to synthesize polyurethane modified neoprene grafted shoe adhesive

R&D of environmentally friendly polyurethane adhesive resins (mainly for shoes).