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Good resin packing glue: creative suitcase Dongguan glue manufacturer
Views:  Update Date: Mar 03,2023
Good resin packing glue: creative suitcase Dongguan glue manufacturer

[Free your hands and slide by itself]

▲ Designer Sindre Klepp brought a suitcase with a skateboard, even if the box is heavy, step on the skateboard, use the handle as a steering wheel, and fly forward.

[Positioning the whole process, find the owner itself]

▲HOP suitcase: it is a intelligent suitcase, with tracks installed below, and there are 3 bluetooth signal sensors, which can identify the accurate location of the owner's mobile phone signal through the triangulation algorithm to ensure that it's always be with its owner.

Bluesmart suitcase: This suitcase adopts bluetooth technology, as long as you operate the application in the mobile phone, you can control the opening and closing of the suitcase, positioning, and can also remind you when you accidentally drop it.

[Space upgrade, add another invisible chest]

▲Drawer suitcase Dongguan glue manufacturer: This suitcase is composed of 3 spaced drawers, each one can be used as a separate storage space, which is convenient for the classification and placement of suitcase items. When the lever is lifted, it can also be used as a drying rack.

▲ FuguLuggage: The designer hid an air extraction device in the retractable side wall of FuguLuggage, and with a light press, it will change from a cabin case into a large suitcase of 40×50×70cm, and a very convenient shelf system is designed inside, and has undergone  heavy impact collision experiments of a considerable intensity, which can easily bear the weight of a normal-weight adult.

[Retro innovation, big hands in classics]

Out-of-control: Vintage's suitcase is the most representative. Sarah Williams designed the out-of-control collection at the London Fashion Showcase, transcending the boundaries of traditional suitcases to create classic, self-defined suitcases.

[Exclusive, humanized service in one step]

▲ A portable suitcase: A pet suitcase designed by designer Nicklas Ekstrand, the dog must be happy if it's is allowed to stay in this mobile den, it, which has a good ventilation system, and whose transparent lid can better observe the dog's state.

▲Trunki: The ride on suitcase designed by designer Kim Yo Hwan, with its futuristic shape, unceremoniously won the most creative title.

[Extraordinary transformation of vintage suitcases]

▲Do you have an idle and worn-out suitcase? Don't leave them in the corner, and make the best use of them. Look at this dresser is made of a suitcase; it not only has partitions, small drawers, mirrors, but also lighting and world map, new, chic and recycling!

▲ Add legs, feet and cushions, make it into a comfortable sofa, and you can also use the jewelry box and some pendants to make tables and chairs and benches at home, adding more personality to your home.

▲ The suitcase can also be transferred to a table, and the aesthetics and sense of use are all ten, but it is very challenging to do it.

▲ Calculate the size of the space that needs to be stored, you can turn the worn suitcase into a usable cabinet, and install some intimate clothes that are often thrown aside, which greatly increases the convenience.

【Good expansion packing glue】

285, 309, 87 series adhesives for bags
【Grafting glue 285 series】
Main ingredients: neoprene grafting polymer
Appearance: light yellow
Main physical properties and uses: high viscosity, high solid content, long viscosity maintenance time, good touch, good viscosity strength for EVA, leather, cloth, excellent effect on porous materials. Manual operation, mainly used for the bonding of bags.

【Yellow gum 309 series】
Appearance: yellow mucus
Characteristics: low viscosity, easy to operate, moderate viscosity maintenance time, strong initial adhesion, is a general-purpose product
Applicable scope: can bond leather, paper, wood board and other materials, widely used in shoe factories, luggage and handbag factories, etc.

【Spray 87 Series】packing glue
Product type: SBS spraying
Glue color: light yellow mucus
Scope of application: powerful adhesive spraying, moderate viscosity maintenance time, short drying time, suitable for the folding edge positioning of genuine leather, PU leather, PVC leather, canvas and cloth, replacing powder glue.