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Guangzhou interior spray rubber manufacturer Good Resin, giving you a different flight case!
Views:  Update Date: Feb 21,2023

          Flight box is a new type of packaging product for the traditional simple wooden box packaging and transportation, which cannot meet the protection needs of high-tech products during transportation and has poor mobility. The increasingly frequent cross-border trade has brought the use and development of flight boxes into a golden stage, especially in the field of stage lighting equipment, medical instruments and equipment, audio-visual system multimedia, optoelectronic industry and high-tech equipment such as military transportation packaging and military equipment transportation.

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          The internal and external structure and materials of the flight case determine the performance of the flight box such as fire resistance, impact resistance, and convenient maneuvering.
          External structure: a wooden box made of a harder multi-layer splint outside the ABS fireproof board, adopting aluminum alloy profiles of a certain thickness and strength on each side, each corner of the box are connected and fixed with high-strength metal spherical wrapping corner and alloy aluminum edge and splint, the bottom is made of wheels of high tolerance and high wear-resistance.

           Internal structure: The box body is equipped with partitions according to the needs of transportation products, and the inside and partition are pasted with soft EVA or pearl cotton and other materials to construct the most critical structure - shockproof layer. The density, hardness and thickness of its bonded material determine the degree of protection and shock resistance of the items it carries. The three parameters should be moderate; if the density and hardness are too high, its shockproof effect will be affected; if it's too low,  dentation are more likely to happen, affecting the service life. Glue plays a role that cannot be ignored in the production process of the shockproof layer, which directly affects its service life and shockproof effect.

 Guangzhou interior spray rubber manufacturer Good Resin supplies a series of products for high-end flight box production related processes and materials.
   Flight case glue - universal glue, with neoprene as the main raw material of strong glue, convenient hand brush glue, simple to operate.
Model: Guangzhou interior spray manufacturer Good HN-309 (rare)
Viscosity: 2500-3000CPS/25°C
Heat resistance: 60-80°C
Scope of application: suitable for bonding sponge, MDF, PU, PVC, leather, EVA, non-woven fabric, glass fiber and other materials in the flight box.

    Flight case glue - glue spray, oily SBS type glue spray with special synthetic rubber as the main raw material. It is necessary to use the spray gun spraying operation, the operation speed is fast, the gluing is even, and the bonding of the material is convenient.
Model: Guangzhou interior spray manufacturer Good HN-87W
Viscosity: 100-140CPS/25°C
Heat resistance: 40-50°C
Scope of application: mainly used for PU, nylon cloth, non-woven fabric, leather, sponge and other materials bonding.