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Good resin red wine box adhesive glue
Views:  Update Date: Feb 21,2023
     Regarding red wine boxes, red wine packaging refers to protecting red wine during the production and circulation of red wine, facilitating storage and transportation, and also promoting the sales of red wine. The general names of wine containers, materials and wine auxiliaries used according to certain technical methods; It also refers to operational activities such as the application of certain technical methods in the process of using containers, materials and auxiliary materials for the above purposes.
     The history of red wine box packaging
     【Initial Simple Packaging】Initially, most of the imported red wines entered the Chinese market with the original liquid of oak barrels or naked bottles with wooden racks. With the increase of circulation process, people use cardboard paper bags, kraft paper bags, non-woven tote bags, etc., when storage functions came to the initial improvement.
     【Traditional solid wood packaging】With the maturity of the consumer market, the demand and requirements for high-end red wine have further developed. A large number of solid wood packaging such as pine and paulownia began to appear, and the red wine packaging industry began to develop rapidly with the red wine market.
     【Modern leather box packaging】Polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polyurethane and other PVC, PU materials of imitation leather or rubber materials are widely used, strengthening the function of packaging; It has formed a variety of new characteristic forms such as customization, personalization and cross-border of modern leather box packaging.
     Favorable factors for wine boxes:
   (1) Realizing the commodity value and circulation value of red wine is also a means to increase the value of red wine;
   (2) Protect red wine from natural risks such as sun, rain, dust pollution, etc., and prevent collision, extrusion, loss and other losses;
   (3) Beautify the product, attract the attention of customers, and be conducive to sales and promotion.
     About Us  Good Resin Red Wine Box Adhesive Glue Details are as follows:
    Model: Good HN-873K
    Viscosity: 300-400CPS/25°C
    Heat resistance: 60-80°C
    Solid content: 20-25%
     Good resin red wine box adhesive glue product features: good heat resistance, good aging resistance, strong adhesion.
     Good resin red wine box adhesive glue scope of application: the product is widely used, suitable for red wine boxes, thermal insulation materials, bags, speakers, air conditioning equipment and other industries, can be used for MDF, PU, EVA, leather, non-woven fabrics, glass fiber, tin foil and other materials.
    Application: Spray.

1. The adhesive is a flammable product, and the storage and transportation shall be handled according to the rules of flammable products;
2. Use the product in a ventilated condition, be careful and operate away from fire sources;
3. Cover the container tightly after use to prevent the gel from solidifying;
4. Double-sided gluing has better effect than single-sided gluing;
5. Sealed storage in a cool and dry environment, storage period of six months, 15KG iron barrel packaging.

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