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The sole glue selected by the midsole factory, which glue on soles is good for sticking the sole glue
Views:  Update Date: Apr 04,2023
The sole glue selected by the midsole factory, which glue on soles is good for sticking the sole glue

SBS type sole glue, mainly used in the lamination of the sole plate of glue on soles, such as cardboard sticker board, cardboard sticker EVA and other steps, for the midsole factory, the selection of environmentally friendly and good performance midsole glue is particularly important.

glue on soles1

       Which glue on soles is better for sticking soles? To this end, Good Resin Research Institute specially developed a cost-effective midsole glue - Good 08A, which has the advantages of high solid content, strong adhesion, good Lamination and good heat resistance, etc., can be widely used in shoe material midsole processing plants, in order to more intuitively present the performance of the midsole glue, our relevant technical personnel choose the same type of XXLi 03A midsole adhesive on the market for comparative testing.
Appearance PK↓

Which brand of sole glue can selected by the midsole factory? PS: 1# XXLi 03A, 2# Good 08A
Five-star list:
Good: ★★★★
XXLi: ★★★★
※As can be seen from the liquid in the glass, both Good 08A and XXLi 03A are yellow and transparent, Good is slightly clear and translucent, and the color of XXLi is slightly darker.
Odor PK↓

Five-star list:
Good: ★★★★
XXLi: ★★★ ☆
※According to the on-site staff's test, the smell of Good 08A is relatively cleaner than that of XXLi 03A, and it is more acceptable to the operator.
Liquidity PK↓

Five-star list:
Good: ★★★★
XXLi: ★★★★
※Referring to the assembly line production and manufacturing mode, the colloid is poured into the glue machine for operation, and the overall process is smooth and silkless, which can improve the work efficiency of the operator.
Bonding effect of midsole adhesive PK:

Time (ambient temperature 10°C)
Good 08A
XXLi 03A
Five-star list:
Good: ★★★★
XXLi: ★★ ☆
※In the environment of room temperature 10 °C, respectively, use Good 08A and XXLi 03A to brush and stand on the midsole cardboard for 30 and 60min, and observe its bonding effect by pulling and tearing the midsole cardboard, the adhesion of the Good 08A midsole adhesive can be maintained for more than 1h, and still maintain strong adhesion, on the contrary, XXLi 03A is difficult to maintain to 1h.
Which glue on soles glue can selected by the midsole factory? Performance test results of midsole adhesive products
Experiment with brands

Sticky effect
       ★ Good 08A midsole rubber sole glue has excellent properties such as strong adhesion, good odor purification, good heat resistance, etc., can be bonded with all midsole cardboard, eliminating the heating process, especially in low temperature conditions can also be used, winter operation can also be carried out smoothly, not only the preferred use of the midsole factory, but also the first choice for shoe factory to stick to the sole.
       ★ Which glue on soles is better for sticking soles? As a leading enterprise of adhesives, Good resin continues to give back to the society with better products and services, committed to the development of environmentally friendly adhesives, the overall performance of Good midsole adhesive is excellent, to meet the various operational requirements of the shoe material industry, and more in line with the performance needs of shoe material production links, and is recognized by many cooperative manufacturers and reaches long-term strategic cooperation!