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Good Resin - [water-based adhesive] topic
Views:  Update Date: Feb 21,2023
Brief Q&A on water-based adhesives:
1. What is a water-based adhesive?
A: Glue with water as the main solvent, zero VOC discharge. Traditional oily glue uses organic solvents,producing VOC emissions, which is also the root cause of the toxicity of oily glue.

2. What are the benefits of water-based adhesives?
 A: A. The environmental protection regulations has been an irresistible trend. At the same time, we also protect ourselves and our only green planet. B. The factory can greatly reduce the cost and safety hazards of fire prevention, explosion prevention and pollution control. C. The amount of glue used is small (only 1/3 of the oily glue), reducing one process flow.

3. Can water-based adhesives be dried at room temperature (or blowing)? Can it be used in a traditional shoe rack factory?
A: The solvent of water-based glue is water, its drying is so slow that it need baking to achieve rapid drying and glue should also be activated at 50-60 °C, so it is necessary to use baking equipment, traditional shoe rack air drying is not suitable for use.

4. Will the use of water-based adhesive increase the cost?
A: There will be a slight increase initially. As employees become proficient in using it, costs come down. Moreover, it can greatly reduce the hidden costs of fire and explosion prevention, employee health and medical treatment, etc.

5. How does water-based adhesive compare with oil-based adhesive in performance?
 Answer: Water-based adhesive is comparable to oil-based adhesive in initial tensile force, late tensile force, heat resistance, non-yellowing and waterproof, and can meet the quality inspection requirements when used completely correctly.
【Advantages of water-based glue】Does not contain organic solvents, green and safe, does not pollute the environment, care for human health, the amount of glue consumption is only about one-third of oil-based glue, only need gluing once, save process and time, non-combustible, transportation and storage are safer, no irritating odor, improve the working environment of workshop workers. 

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