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Good VOC series of glue for insoles - EVA combination sole adhesive
Views:  Update Date: Apr 13,2023
      Properties: Good resin shoe glue EVA combination sole adhesive product is a kind of strong grafting glue synthesized with imported neoprene grafting as the main raw material, combing with imported tackifying resin.
glue for insoles1
 Good VOC series of glue for insoles - EVA combination sole adhesive Features: strong initial adhesion, good aging resistance, moderate opening time

      Good VOC series of adhesive for shoes - EVA combination sole adhesive Scope of application: Good resin shoe adhesive EVA combination sole adhesive products can be used for EVA and EVA, EVA and TPR, EVA and rubber bonding, suitable for "sandwich bottom" combination sole shoe material composition rubber: used for a variety of sports shoe outsoles;  its characteristics: good wear resistance, anti-slip, elastic, not easy to break, good softness, good elongation, stable shrinkage, excellent hardness, nice bending property. However, it is heavy and not easy to corrode.

      EVA: vinyl acetate copolymer, polymer material. Usually used for shoe midsole for jogging, strolling, casual shoes and football training.
      Its characteristics: lightweight, good elasticity, good flexibility, not easy to wrinkle, excellent colorability, suitable for various climates. But easy to absorb water, easy to get dirty.
      TPR: injection molding with TPR pellets after hot melting, commonly used for jogging, strolling, casual shoes' midsole and outsole. Its characteristics are: easy to shape, cheap price. However, its material is heavier, not wear-resistant, and its softness, bending and shock absorption are weak.
      MD: It is EVA secondary high-pressure molding product, the main material of the international midsole of running shoes, tennis shoes and basketball shoes, and also used for casual shoe outsoles.
      Its characteristics are: light, elastic, fine appearance, good softness, easy to clean, its hardness, density, tensile force, tear, elongation all show good performance, but note that the high temperature is easy to wrinkle and shrink.
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