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Good resin waterborne vacuum plastic synthetic film glue
Views:  Update Date: Mar 31,2023
Good resin water-based vacuum plastic synthetic film glue, water-based adhesive can be dried at room temperature or by air blow: the solvent of water-based glue is water, drying is slow, need baking for rapid drying, glue should also be activated at 50-60 °C, so it is necessary to use baking equipment, traditional rack shoe factory air drying is not suitable for use.
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  Good resin waterborne vacuum plastic synthetic adhesive recommended products: 813W, 815W, 816W, 817W
       Main components: special synthetic resin appearance: milky white yellowing: non-yellowing
       Good resin waterborne vacuum plastic synthetic  film glue product features: is a one-component waterborne polyurethane blister machine, with good heat resistance, fast drying and strong initial adhesion, high adhesion, good atomization effect and other advantages.
       Scope of application: It is suitable for vacuum blister molding of PVC soft materials on MDF, particle board, wood, etc., and can be used for PVC paint-free doors, wooden doors, cabinet doors, speaker boards, computer desks, etc.
       Good resin waterborne vacuum plastic synthetic film glue use method: can be used to spray. Chinese adhesive experts, helps shoes, bags and handbags, furniture, decoration, automobiles, equipment, decoration and other major manufacturing and processing industries,  providing sophisticated technology, high-quality products and comprehensive services. [Good resin invites you to explore more interesting ideas and analyze more exquisite craftsmanship in work and life, and enjoy the fun of craftsmanship! ] ] Good resin sincerely invites national adhesive franchisees: Tel:0757-85768283、85768263、85768271 Fax:0757-85768282 Contact: Liang Jianfeng (13802469153)

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