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Views:  Update Date: Jan 31,2023
A few days ago, Mr. Liang Jianfeng, general manager of Good Resin business department, Mr. Ding Hongcheng, marketing technology director, Mr. He Jianjian, sales director and other company leaders, heads of various branches and Mr. Fu Zhilian, head of Guangzhou Shiling Technical Service Department, Good Resin, attended the opening ceremony of  Good Resin technical service department in Huadu Shiling, Guangzhou, the "leather capital" of China. At the ceremony, more than 100 leaders of local manufacturers gathered together, bells and drums sounded in unison, and everyone gathered together to solemnly celebrate the opening of Good Resin technical service department in Huadu Shiling, Guangzhou. General Manager Liang Jianfeng and the person in charge of Shiling Technical Service Department delivered speeches successively and jointly expressed heartfelt thanks to the leaders and guests of various manufacturers who participated in the ceremony. In addition, General Manager Liang also gave guidance on how to expand the business of Shiling Technical Service Department.

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         In recent years, Good resin has vigorously implemented brand, quality, service and management innovation, improved the overall quality and level of the enterprise, stood at the forefront of the production and sales of the adhesive industry with new fashion, new style and new image, and strived to make more, newer and greater contributions to the development of Shiling leather goods manufacturing industry. Since its establishment, the technical service department of Good resin stationed throughout the country has gradually covered various cities and towns in China, and has assumed the important responsibility of providing adhesive sales and after-sales technical supporting services for manufacturers around the country. Over the years, it has made significant contributions to the production and development of manufacturers in various regions, especially in recent years, Good resin has complied with market requirements, after several rounds of strategic adjustment, comprehensively upgraded the resident technical department and put forward higher requirements for it, strengthened the internal management of the resident technical service department, operated in good faith in accordance with the law, and paid equal attention to social and economic benefits, so as to realize the national technical service department of Good resin with modern business facilities, innovative management mode, advanced business philosophy, beautiful business environment, First-class service level to welcome guests from all over the world! Comprehensively establish the brand concept of "I am the spokesperson of Good", and make greater contributions to publicizing the Good brand and activating the local adhesive market! 

           The sea is vast because it combines many water stream; The mountain is majestic for its thickness and vicissitudes. With the breadth of the sea, the richness of the mountains, the integrity and pragmatic quality, the dedication and innovative style, the pursuit of excellence, Good strive to achieve leapfrog development, all-round services, covering all major provinces, municipalities and towns with efficient technical support, and comprehensively fighting the market. We firmly believe that the cooperation with the resident technical service department of Good resin Shiling distributors will become a new milestone in the development of Shiling adhesive, and at the same time leave a heavy mark in the development history of Shiling adhesive.
           Finally, Good Resin sincerely invites people in all areas to join us and create a brilliant tomorrow!
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