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Good resin participated in the Wenzhou International Leather Exhibition, improving the expansion model to aim for the market
Views:  Update Date: Jan 31,2023

           On August 25th, the three-day leather industry event - 2016 Wenzhou International Leather Exhibition officially kicked off at the Wenzhou International Convention Center; exhibitors, buyers, professional visitors and media friends from all over the world gathered together. More than 600 enterprises such as Good resin participated in the exhibition, jointly presenting the latest research and development results of the whole industry chain, focusing on promoting the application and development of new technologies, new equipment and new materials, and providing intelligent manufacturing solutions for shoemaking, leather, clothing and other industries.

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            For this exhibition, Good resin made plans in advance and customized the plan, which put forward higher requirements for the effectiveness of the exhibition. Good resin sales elites and technical engineers arrived in Wenzhou on the eve of the Wenzhou exhibition to conduct field visits to the adhesive market and further understand the needs of the local market in real time; went to each factory to conduct "adhesive expert consultation" to provide feasible solutions for each factory to overcome adhesive problems; adjusted the exhibition promotion strategy according to the actual application of local adhesive, and promoted products and solutions in a targeted manner. It has made accurate market positioning, appropriate product promotion, so that the exhibitors to truly feel the professional and intimate service of Good resin, in addition, after the exhibition, Good resin sales elites and technical engineers directly carried out close linkage follow-up with local merchants, cooperated with merchants to carry out follow-up products and services, started "private customization" and "adhesive butler service", so that the exhibition is not only "exhibition" nor just stop at the exhibition, make full use of the platform to tap the circle, open channels, go deep into the market, provide the most suitable products for the local market, implement the most intimate services, complete the internal integration of resources, upgrade services, and comprehensively improve user experience. The elite team of Good resin has achieved a complete success in the Wenzhou exhibition and has been fully affirmed by local merchants, which will lay a solid foundation and guiding direction for Good resin to further strengthen its own construction, improve the quality of products and services, open up the market and broaden the new situation and general pattern of international development!
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