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Leaders of Mullinsen Group, Fujian Hexing Plastic Company visited Good
Views:  Update Date: Jan 31,2023

  On September 2nd, Mr. Zhang of Mullinsen Group, Mr. Wang of Fujian Hexing Plastics, accompanied by Huang Weizhong, general distributor of Good Fujian Shishi, visited Guangdong Highnic Group. Mr. Liang Quanhui, President of the Group, Mr. Liang Jianfeng, General Manager of Good Chemical, and other leaders warmly received the delegation. Under the leadership of General Manager Liang Jianfeng, the delegation not only visited the headquarters of the Group, but also visited Zhongnan Aluminum Wheel (Foshan) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the Group, and Guangdong Good Resin Technology Co., Ltd., an important production base of the Group.        

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             Mr. Zhang of Mullinsen Group and Mr. Wang of Xing Plastic visited and learned about the company's various production links from Mr. Liang. Everywhere they looked, whether it was products, equipment, raw materials, molds, reactors, pipeline transportation, they listened very carefully to the engineer's explanation. After the whole day-long visit, Mr. Zhang and Mr. Wang were still in good spirits, without a trace of fatigue, and their expressions were more affirmation and praise for Highnic Group's standardized, efficient and standardized management and high recognition of Good's production scale and management operation. After visiting the copper alloy workshop and visiting the Good factory area, the delegation had a discussion with Liang Jianfeng, general manager, technical director Ding Hongcheng and other leaders of the company in the conference room of Good. The atmosphere at the scene was warm, talking about the domestic and foreign economic situation and enterprise management and operation concepts, and the conversation was so enthusiastic and impressive. Mr. Wang spoke highly of the visit, and expressed his intention to reach further cooperation with Good, believing that with the support of the group, with Good's excellent products and high-quality services, it will definitely be able to win the favor of Mr. Wang, and reach the next step of cooperation, achieving mutual benefit and win-win situation!
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