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Warm congratulations on the success of the establishment and unveiling ceremony of [Good Resin Research Institute]!
Views:  Update Date: Jan 30,2023
Warm congratulations on the success of the establishment and unveiling ceremony of [Good Resin Research Institute]!

    Guangdong Good Resin Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Guangdong Highnic Group, is committed to becoming an industry-leading viscose technology expert, using advanced viscose process technology to provide customers with various bonding and surface treatment solutions. The company's original viscose resin technology research institute, with a high-quality engineer team and a series of advanced analytical instruments, cooperating with the Institute of Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Sun Yat-sen University and other scientific research institutes, has been committed to the cutting-edge development of adhesive products for many years, mastered the industry's leading technology, applied for more than 20 patents, has laid a good scientific research atmosphere and technical foundation. In order to promote the internal innovation, development, transformation and upgrading of Good resin, further build a technological innovation system with enterprise as the theme, market as the guide, and close integration of production, education and research, and create a more pragmatic and efficient technology research and development team, after the research of the group company, it was decided to integrate the internal and external superior resources of Good resin and establish the Good Resin Research Institute. The Institute consists of two research institutes: the First Research Institute, which focuses on the innovation and development of traditional adhesive applications, and the Second Research Institute, which focuses on the development and application of new adhesives (hereinafter referred to as "One Institute and Two Institutes"). On the afternoon of April 16th, the opening ceremony of Good Resin Research Institute was held in the research building of Guangdong Good Resin Technology Co., Ltd., and the Good Resin Research Institute was officially established, marking a new milestone in the scientific and technological innovation and development of Guangdong Good Resin Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Guangdong Highnic Group. Mr. Liang Quanhui, President of the Group, Mr. Liang Yong and Mr. Li Shuquan, Vice Presidents of the Group, Mr. Liang Jianfeng, Assistant General Manager of the Group and General Manager of Good Resin, as well as leaders and some employees of Good Resin Company attended and participated in the unveiling ceremony, which was preceded by a simple symposium in the conference room of the research building.                    
        President Liang Quanhui pointed out at the symposium: On the basis of the original Duzheng Viscose Technology Research Institute, the Good Resin Research Institute was established, which is the second research institute since the establishment of Zhongnan Wheel Research Institute; It is our group to gather talents and expand the platform; It is another force to further promote the in-depth development of production, education and research; It is a major measure for the transformation and upgrading of Good resin, improving quality and efficiency, and is of great significance. Based on the consolidation and improvement of traditional craftsmanship, the second institute is committed to the research and development of new adhesives, and the two share resources, divide labor and cooperation, and create good results... Later, Vice President Li Shuquan congratulated the establishment of Good Resin Research Institute, "This is very forward-looking, it realizes the transformation of the talent team from quantitative change to qualitative change, and the division of labor and cooperation of one and two institutes is based on the fundamentals while realizing more possibilities and realizing multi-legged walking." According to Liang Jianheng, deputy general manager of Guangdong Good Resin Technology Co., Ltd. and the new president of Good Resin Research Institute, Good Resin Research Institute will carry out technological innovation work in a more professional and standardized manner, based on technological breakthroughs and market demand, and constantly adopt new science and technology and transform them into real productivity. It will become the source of Good resin's technological innovation ability and the core of enterprise competitiveness, so as to further establish and improve the R & D organization system, carry out R & D activities in an organized and sustainable manner, produce R & D results, and improve the independent innovation ability of enterprises as a whole, so that Good resin has maintained a dominant position in the market competition and promoted enterprises to obtain potential excess profits. Ms. Zheng Lihua, senior engineer of Good Resin Research Institute and director of the first research institute, also introduced: The institute has two research institutes, with more than ten thematic scientific research laboratories and complete laboratory supporting facilities. The pilot plant has an automated pilot production experimental line for the production of water-based dispersions and the preparation of high-performance multi-purpose adhesives, has more than 20 sets of industrial equipment such as glue machines and reactors of different volumes, and has a temperature-adjustable constant temperature and humidity laboratory for simulating the user's operating environment. The Good Resin Research Institute will have sufficient ability to grasp innovation opportunities, scientifically select innovation directions and technical routes, organize technology research and development, product innovation, and utilize and transform scientific and technological achievements into real productivity.                                                       
        Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, we face with all the difficulties with an open mind, and forge ahead bravely; We use wisdom and sweat to bond all the strength to stabilize the power of the brand.
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