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Adhesive companion→ curing agent Good resin glue
Views:  Update Date: Jan 30,2023
Adhesive companion→ curing agent Good resin glue

Curing agent for glue, also known as hardener, is to make low molecular polymer or monomer compound through chemical reaction to generate polymer compound; or a substance that crosslinks linear polymer compounds into bulk polymer compounds to make the adhesive joint have mechanical strength and stability. Different binders should be selected with curing agents with fast curing, good quality and small dosage.

Adhesive companion2

       Shoe glue curing agent introduction: 1, Bayer RFE: RFE is a high-efficiency cross-linking agent, used for polyurethane. Adhesives formulated with natural or synthetic rubber have excellent adhesion properties, especially to rubber materials. Features: When used with adhesive, the initial adhesion is strong, the curing speed is fast, and the crosslinking density is high, but it is mainly composed of ethyl acetate solution of trithiophosphate (phenyl isocyanate) as the main component, so it will produce yellowing, not suitable for white or light-colored materials, and expensive, in the shoemaking generally only with oil skin treatment, nylon treatment agent, etc. 2. Bayer RC: As a crosslinking agent, RC is suitable for adhesives formulated with polyurethane, natural or synthetic rubber, and is suitable for light-colored adhesives for bonding rubber and EVA materials. Features: With adhesive when used with strong initial adhesion, fast curing speed, long use time, its main component is based on toluene diisocyanate (TDI) polyisocyanate ethyl acetate solution, belongs to the yellowing resistance grade. Therefore, pure white and more demanding yellow resistance require caution. 3. Bayer RN: RN, as a crosslinking agent, is suitable for polyurethane, natural or synthetic rubber adhesives, especially suitable for light-colored adhesives for rubber material bonding. In combination with an appropriate adhesive, it can be guaranteed to have minimal discoloration under light conditions, and its main component is ethyl acetate solution of aliphatic and aromatic isocyanate polymers. Good resin [812] → with Good resin coating glue 801 and 116 has excellent use effect; Good resin [812A] → with Good resin coating glue 801, 116, 118 has excellent use effect; Good resin [816] → used with water-based PU glue, the effect is excellent; Good resin [DRN] → used with Good PU glue and grafting glue can extend the use time of glue.
       The use of Good resin curing agent with Good resin adhesive will affect the opening time, storage time and other data of the adhesive, and the most important thing is that after the two are well matched, it can increase the effect of adhesion, heat resistance, cold resistance, water resistance and so on. (1) Good resin RFE has the best effect, but because of its own yellowish color, it is generally not suitable for white materials. (2) Good resin RN colorless and transparent, non-yellowing, specially used for white and light-colored materials. (3) Good resin RC colorless transparent, yellowing resistance, moderate effect, can be used for light-colored materials. (4) Comparison of the effect of Good resin curing agent: RFE>RC>RN