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Waterborne polyurethane adhesive for shoes national standard implementation; Waterborne PU adhesive is unstoppable
Views:  Update Date: Jan 30,2023
       Waterborne polyurethane adhesive (referred to as waterborne PU adhesive) refers to the adhesive prepared with waterborne polyurethane as the base, which is an important category of waterborne adhesive

       On December 1st, 2014, the national standard GB/T 30779-2014 "Waterborne polyurethane adhesive for shoes" was officially implemented. The formulation and implementation of this national standard has timely filled the gap in the field of waterborne polyurethane adhesives for shoes in China, fundamentally defined the waterborne polyurethane adhesive market, established and improved the market order of adhesives, which played a good role in promoting the upgrading and change of the adhesive industry, and also promoted the unity of social and economic benefits, setting an example for environmental protection!
Water-based PU adhesive1
       Waterborne polyurethane adhesive (referred to as waterborne PU adhesive) refers to the adhesive prepared by waterborne polyurethane as the base, which is an important category of waterborne adhesives, showing excellent adhesion, excellent flexibility, strong low temperature resistance, wide range of physical properties of the adhesive film, strong oil resistance and impact resistance. With the increasingly stringent environmental protection regulations, the development trend of the world's synthetic adhesives is highlighted by environmental protection and high performance, and the comprehensive performance of waterborne PU adhesives meets the needs of the market. Therefore, it stands out from all kinds of water-based adhesives and attracts much attention.

       At present, the development of foreign waterborne PU adhesives is significantly faster than other adhesive products, and there are many varieties and large outputs, and these adhesives generally have better initial tack, water resistance and temperature resistance. Although China's waterborne PU adhesive market is still not mature enough, the market demand is broad. During the Twelfth Five-Year Plan period, China will focus on the development of waterborne polyurethane adhesives, and will introduce key equipment based on self-developed technology to develop "green" solvent-based, non-yellow-shaped, high-heat-resistant and high-performance PU adhesives. According to incomplete statistics, there are currently hundreds of scientific research and production units of waterborne PU adhesives in China. The merchants represented by Good have the quality of national standards and even international standards for the production and sales of water-based PU adhesives. The waterborne PU adhesive under Good is widely used in flocking, bonding of a variety of laminate products, bonding of automotive interior materials, woodworking, pressure-sensitive adhesive, shoe making and other fields, and has gained popularity among the majority of merchants. 

       Water-based PU adhesive with its unique excellent performance, is facing unprecedented development opportunities, the use of 1 ton of water-based PU adhesive can reduce the emission of organic solvents by at least 1.5 tons, and the demand for water-based PU adhesive in the footwear industry is growing at a rate of 16%~30%, which is more than twice the growth rate of other adhesive products, and is developing towards high performance, functionalization and further expansion of application fields. The ultimate goal of developing high-performance waterborne polyurethane adhesives is to replace the highly polluting two-component solventborne polyurethane adhesives currently in large quantities. It has good economic benefits, environmental protection and social benefits.