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What are the functional characteristics of the raw materials of TPR treatment agent
Views:  Update Date: Jan 31,2023

If you are familiar with TPR treatment agent raw materials, you will know more about functional characteristics of TPR, and the well-known TPR treatment agent raw materials have a wide range of application markets. In addition to its wide adjustable hardness range, this is also due to the fact that TPR raw materials have many functional characteristics.

TPR treatment agent1

                1. Soft touch feeling and strong coating 
                The raw material of TPR treatment agent is soft to the touch and has good coating properties, which means that TPR raw materials can be combined with most hard plastic composite injection molding as a whole, giving the product a soft touch feeling. Toothbrushes, sports equipment, beauty equipment, power tools, luggage accessories, various casters, electronic products, smart wear, etc. in daily life are all overmolded with TPR. In addition, such as cables and cables, sex toys, etc., all of which show the soft touch feeling of TPR treatment agent raw materials. 
              22. It has the characteristics of shock absorption and anti-slip 
                TPR treatment agent has rubber elasticity, and has functions such as shock absorption and anti-slip. Many mats, seat cushions, non-slip mats, soles, etc., use TPR as raw materials. Select the appropriate coating grade according to the hard material variety and material application requirements. Two-color injection molding machine can be used for rapid prototyping and ordinary injection molding machine, and the two sets of molds are injected twice. 
             33.. Good sealing and elasticity 
               TPR treatment agent raw materials have excellent resilience. It can be used as sealing, such as sealing strips, sealing rings, etc., and its high elasticity can also be used for fitness equipment, medical equipment, such as medical tourniquets, tensile belts, yoga fitness bands. The TPR appearance of SBS substrate is high-gloss particles, while the TPR (TPE) of SEBS substrate is subplanar particles, which appear to be transparent or opaque particles.
               All in all, the functional characteristics of the raw materials of TPR treatment agents are soft touch feeling and strong coating, shock absorption and anti-slip properties, and good sealing and elasticity. The opaque solid particle background color of the cost-effective TPR treatment agent is white, and the color is slightly different depending on the compounding system. The TPR particles made by the production plant are granulated (cylindrical strips), and at present, for the consideration of the appearance and quality of the product, the manufacturer optimizes the production of pelletizing equipment, and the TPR treatment made looks more high-grade.
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