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Which brand of shoe glue is better? High-end shoe PU glue. In addition to the 78 series, there is also the 8001 series!
Views:  Update Date: Jan 31,2023
In 2017, Good resin finally overcame the technical difficulties of traditional PU glue through repeated experiments, and successfully developed high-end shoe PU glue 78 series products, effectively breaking market barriers and making a strong impact on the high-end shoe glue market.  
                      High-end shoe PU glue1
Which brand of shoe glue is good? High-end shoes PU glue 78 series
Model   Viscosity range   Applicable market guidelines 
7890 1400-1600CPS/30°C leather shoes universal, leather/cloth shoes twice glue: Huidong, Guangzhou, Wenzhou, Fujian, Chengdu, Chongqing 
7880 1800-2000CPS/30°C Guangzhou, Wenzhou, Wenling, Shenyang (shoes/shoe materials), Santai, Chengdu (leather), Chongqing (leather), Hunan, export  
7830 2200-2500CPS/30°C Wenling (cloth), Fujian (primary rubber customer), Shenyang (peripheral)  
7820 2800-3000CPS/30°C Huidong (glue once), Wenling (glue once) 

Adaptation agent     Treatment agent model 
EVA treatment agent   795E(5), 795E(6) 
Oil skin/nylon treatment   798N 
Rubber yellowing-resistant treatment agent   793A+B 
Low odor, non-harsh rubber treatment    701A+B 
Metal treatment agent    313M 

       The appearance of this series of products is slightly turbid mist translucent, and blue light will be transmitted under light, which is directly different from many conventional transparent PU adhesives in appearance. Its performance is also a qualitative leap over conventional performance. It is excellent in the initial adhesion of shoe adhesive, the late tensile force of brushability, the handling ability of shoe materials, the drying speed, crystallization speed, temperature resistance, and the adhesion effect. This series of products has successfully stood out in the PU adhesive market with the strong performance shown by the particularity of its own adhesive film structure, and has become the favorite of many shoe factories, and has become the "leader" of high-end shoe PU rubber industry since mass production. It is also the annual  top product of Good resin.     

Which brand of shoe glue is good? High-end shoes PU glue 8001 series
         (1) Mainly focus on the heat resistance of shoe materials and the initial adhesion of shoe materials (2) Recommended for shoe factory manual workshop or semi-assembly line, good heat resistance, strong initial force, good wire drawing resistance. Recommended for shoe factory assembly line, good brushability, good penetration, strong initial force, high peeling strength. 

        High-end shoe PU glue, newly powerful 80 series  
        Type    8001A    8001B 
        Viscosity range   3500-3800CPS/25°C   1600-1800CPS/25°C 
        Advantages: streamline shoe factory assembly line, save labor, simplify operation! Genuine leather and reverse plush cloth can be glued at one time, bringing direct benefits of 8000-15000 yuan to a single assembly line. Specially for shoe factory assembly line operation, the production of genuine leather shoes, flannel shoes twice glue, leather shoes once glue, good penetration, strong initial force, good brushability, moderate heat resistance Applicable market: Wenzhou, Wenling, Chengdu, Chongqing, Huidong (cloth), mostly in areas with more assembly lines. 

        【8001 Series】At present, it has achieved good results when it just entered the market, however, our comment is not the most convincing but the one from our clients! Good resin invites you to experience the powerful high-end PU adhesive 8001 series products. The most important thing needs to be mentioned more: good products are not afraid to try! Welcome to the glue test! Welcome to smash the order! Good products are not afraid to try! Welcome to do the glue test! Welcome to smash the order! Good products are not afraid to try! Welcome to do the glue test! Welcome to smash the order! Guaranteed source: the Good resin products use special grade German environmental protection imported raw materials and meet the EU environmental protection standards! Strong cooperation with raw material manufacturers, reduce intermediate circulation links, ensure product quality from the source triple acceptance criteria, use gas chromatography mass spectrometry technology, reject defective raw materials! Process innovation, the Good resin products are synthesized by sealing process, which is energy-saving and emission-free, and environmentally friendly! Introduce innovative fine particle microcirculation technology to be the leader of fine chemicals in the industry! Using microcomputer intelligent control system, the whole process realizes automatic control and eliminates manual error! Performance advantages: the initial adhesion of Good resin products is improved, and it can be quickly bonded to most of the difficult-to-stick shoe materials on the market, the glue has a good touch feeling, and the leather shoes have a high degree of coolness! Heat resistance is significantly improved, avoiding all kinds of glue opening during the production of shoes! Excellent brushing performance, saving workers' working time, saving glue and time! High solid content, strong tensile force in the later stage, fast crystallization!
        Which brand of shoe glue is better? Good resin sincerely invites national adhesive franchisees: Tel:0757-85768283、85768263、85768271 Fax:0757-85768282 Contact: Liang Jianfeng (13802469153)