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What glue is the best for gluing shoes? Good environmental protection envoy water-based universal glue 860H
Views:  Update Date: Jan 31,2023

What glue is good for rubber shoes? This product is water-based neoprene glue, also known as water-based universal glue, which has the advantages of good heat resistance and high bonding strength, and does not need to be heated and activated when used.

gluing shoes1

       What glue is the best for gluing shoes?
       1. Scope of application: paper, cloth, genuine leather 
       Second, the use of this product can be manual or mechanized construction, the best exposure time in the air after gluing is 5-10 minutes, preferably no more than 30 minutes; the longer the drying time of water-based yellow glue, the better the bonding effect; the general drying time of more than 24 hours is the best. 
       What glue is the best for gluing shoes? Good resin sincerely invites national adhesive franchisees: Tel:0757-85768283、85768263、85768271 Fax:0757-85768282 Contact: Liang Jianfeng (13802469153)