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What are the advantages of grafting glue?
Views:  Update Date: Jan 30,2023

What are the advantages of grafting glue?

The application of various adhesives in the production and processing of shoes is particularly important, high-quality adhesives are safe and durable, and the adhesive effect is stable, which can greatly improve the production level of modern footwear. Reliable quality grafting glue has gained popularity by virtue of its own advantages in the industry, and in recent years it has become a common adhesive for all kinds of processed products. What are the advantages of grafting glue?
Good resin luggage special grafting glue-477

Product Model:477(Strong Grafting Glue)

Appearance: yellow translucent mucus

Scope of application: This product is widely used, suitable for bags, ball manufacturing, footwear and other industries.

Bonding materials: MDF, pu, leather, EVA, glass fiber, etc.

Packing: 15kg/barrel

Shelf life: 6 months

1. Advantage of grafting glue: excellent cost performance

       Today, in the process of mass production of manufacturing enterprises, the cost performance of the adhesive itself is a particularly critical factor. After years of development, the grafting glue manufacturers with quality assurance are becoming more mature, and the quality of the grafting glue produced is more stable and the cost is lower. Compared with the practical application experience of other glues, this kind of reliable grafting glue is more cost-effective and meets the requirements of mass production. The more cost-effective grafting glue can improve the actual income effect of product processing, and can save more cost for enterprises and improve profitability, thereby helping enterprises reduce costs and gain market competitive advantage.

2. Advantages of grafting glue: stability of pasting and safety

       There is no doubt that the current adhesive itself must have a safe and stable effect, and it also needs to be resistant to water and heat, in order to ensure the stability of adhesion in the actual use process. At present, cheap and environmentally friendly grafting glue can achieve efficient non-destructive pasting, and the environmentally friendly and safe material can also achieve a safe and assuring pasting, so the application of reliable quality grafting glue in many industries is becoming more and more popular. It is also a reliable adhesive product in today's production and processing process because of its pollution-free characteristics and stable adhesive effect.

       All in all, the advantages of grafting glue - safety and reliability - are more prominent, and the application of this quality-assured grafting glue in the processing field can also obtain a safer and more secure processing experience. For the development and operation of the enterprise itself, the production of this high-quality and low-cost grafting glue can undoubtedly ensure that the batch production operation can obtain more benefits.