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Strong fast-drying glue Good resin: bouncy castle glue
Views:  Update Date: Jan 31,2023

    No matter how unpredictable the current economic environment is, the children's entertainment market is still vibrant, and a variety of new amusement equipment is emerging. However, among the various amusement equipment, the most popular for children should be the bouncy castle, whose development prospects are promising. 

bouncy castle glue1

     Bouncy castle is also known as children's castle, inflatable trampoline, inflatable slide, children's paradise;it is a castle-shaped inflatable amusement equipment, made of environmentally friendly, soft PVC fabric , with fan continuous air supply to maintain the shape of the product in the sealed condition. It is mainly used for children's play. Because of its safety, smooth edges, cute shape, novel style, bright color, and always fun to play, it is popular with children and buyers. It can be find anywhere  in the square, supermarket entrance, park, community, playground, scenic spot and other places; children's bouncy castle as a soft play equipment and has unconsciously penetrated into children's life. 
     Bouncy castles can incorporate a variety of fashion elements, such as children's favorite bald head Qiang, Spider-Man, sharks, dinosaurs, etc., these shapes are inflated and molded, extremely realistic with bright colors and realistic shapes, standing there from afar, deeply attract every child passing by. The playing method of the bouncy castle is also quite plentiful, children inside can jump, jump, climb, slide, drill, etc., and every child will have fun. Since the bouncy castle can accommodate many children to play together at the same time, children will invisibly meet more peers when they play in it, and it will also play a certain role in cultivating children's communication skills, so parents are also willing to let their children play.
Large inflatable toys: This type of toy is large in size and mainly appears in parks or shopping malls, such as: naughty castles, entertainment cities, bouncy castles, inflatable arches, large inflatable advertising models. 
Cartoon air model toys: The shape of such inflatable toys is cartoon image, product shape, appearance image, is a good children's toy, advertising model. 
Small inflatable toys: This type of inflatable toy is rather small in size, diverse in shape, colorful in color, interesting, and loved by children, such as inflatable small animals, swimming rings, inflatable dolls, etc.                Small inflatable toy casual. 
Inflatable furniture: using high-strength environmental protection PVC materials, inflatable mattresses, inflatable sofas, field portable inflatable beds, etc.
Water inflatable toys: This type of inflatable toys are mainly suitable for water, such as tumbling balls, yo-yos, swimming rings, inflatable boats in the park, and are the best water inflatable toys for summer leisure and entertainment.

Bouncy castle product technique: Bouncy castle mostly adopts environmentally friendly PVC material. After being designed by professional designer, it is made into a finished product by cutting, sewing (heat sealing), and bonding (beautification). The products are mostly sewn with double open threads, the stitches are even, the stitch pitch is controlled between 4.2 and 4.5mm, and the error between the width of the adhesive brush and the width of the adhesive strip does not exceed plus or minus 0.5cm. The arc structure is adopted to the maximum extent at the connection between the shape and the large surface. The purpose is to make the force of the product spread evenly and increase the service life of the product. There is a certain safety distance between each two shapes and between the moldings and the guardrail. The product shape is realistic (mostly using exquisite inkjet shapes, rather than general manual beautification), and the color matching is beautiful. And it can fully guarantee the safety of the player.  
【Bouncy castle glue】 Because an important link in the production process of bouncy castle is "gluing", it mainly refers to the process of each shape being integrated into a whole object. Just like the construction of a house requires the role of cement between bricks, the components of each shape of the bouncy castle must be bonded by adhesive, and finally the lovely castle that everyone sees is finished.
     Good bouncy castle special glue, "create" the cutest castle for children! 
     Good resin strong fast-drying glue [868HK] is dedicated to the high-end inflatable market, suitable for the production of high-end bouncy castles. 
     Good resin strong fast-drying glue【868H】 It is suitable for the mid-range inflatable market and can meet the production of ordinary bouncy castles. 
     Good resin strong fast-drying glue【80】 Cost-effective PU glue for bouncy castles.
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