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Lamination adhesive manufacturers ▏Comparison of Good water-based resin and XXBao
Views:  Update Date: Mar 06,2023

      Lamination adhesive manufacturers are certainly no strangers to those engaged in the adhesive industry, and little is known to laymen. Lamination adhesive is widely used in home decoration, building materials and other industries of material lamination processing, its odor is small, good pasting effect, yellowing resistance and other properties greatly meet the operation needs of manufacturers, therefore, many manufacturers will choose high-quality Lamination adhesive as great support.

Laminating Glue,Lamination adhesive

      The Good S801 Lamination adhesive and the 701 Lamination adhesive of XXBao 701 Lamination adhesive were sampled for comparison and testing by the Good Waterborne Resin Research Institute, which visually presented the performance of the covering adhesive for the majority of users:
Lamination adhesive manufacturers ▏Comparison of Good water-based resin and XXBao ● odor and color test

Laminating Glue,Lamination adhesive2
Five-star list:
Good: ★★★★ ☆
XXBao: ★★★ ☆
※Color: The Lamination glue of Good S801 and XXBao 701 is a colorless and transparent liquid, suitable for pasting dark and light colored materials.
※Odor: Good S801 has a soft smell and a slight fragrance, which is more acceptable to operators; XXBao 701 has a heavier DMF odor and a heavy solvent smell, which will make the operator resist to a certain extent, thus affecting the production schedule.

Coated adhesive manufacturers ▏Comparison of Good water-based resin and XXBao ● Lamination adhesive mechanical operation test

Five-star list:
Good: ★★★★
XXBao: ★★★★
※ Good S801 and XXBao 701 have moderate viscosity, good fluidity, and the pasted plates are smooth and smooth, which is generally conducive to the operation of the operator.

Coated adhesive manufacturer ▏Comparison of the competition between Good water-based resin and XXBao ● After 48H placement, the Lamination adhesive bonding effect test

Five-star list:
Good: ★★★★
XXBao: ★★★
※The bonding effect of Good and XXBao can achieve the expected effect, but from the details of material bonding, the stickiness of Good S801 is higher, and the PVC film cannot be torn open, and it is directly pulled off at the bottom; XXBao 701 has a certain tensile force, relatively speaking, its adhesion force is slightly weak, and the PVC film can be easily pulled apart.

★ Through the product performance comparison test, it can be seen that the overall performance of Good S801 Lamination adhesive is better than that of XXBao, and Good S801 Lamination adhesive has the characteristics of high strength, excellent adhesion, good operability and clean taste and environmental protection, which can meet the performance needs of customers using Lamination adhesive, and has more obvious advantages in the market of the same type of products, and is also one of the main adhesives of Good resin.
★ As a leading enterprise in the adhesive industry, Good resin closely follows the development of the trend of the times, integrates the concept of environmental protection into R&D and production, in order to serve customers with better environmentally friendly adhesive products, Good resin Lamination adhesive has strong performance advantages, won the unanimous recognition of suppliers and manufacturers, in the future we will not forget the original intention, continue to forge ahead!