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Warmly welcome teachers and students of Applied Chemistry major of Guangdong University of Technology to visit Guangdong Highnic Group
Views:  Update Date: Jan 31,2023

    On July 3rd, teachers and students of Guangdong University of Technology majoring in Applied Chemistry of 2015 visited the headquarters of Guangdong Highnic Group to communicate and experience the gap between professional knowledge and practical application, and feel the development and extension of professional knowledge driven by enterprise productivity up close.    

Guangdong Highnic Group1                       

        More than 170 teachers and students took a group photo at Highnic! In the morning, our group extended a warm welcome to the teachers and students of Guanggong. Since the number of teachers and students is as high as more than 170, in order to let them better and more detailed understanding of the basic situation of our group, under the leadership of the staff of our group, they have visited the market headquarters in the headquarters building, Guangdong Good Resin Technology Co., Ltd. (Good Resin) and Guangdong Zhizhuo Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. ( Intensive Ecotech) and other core departments in batches. During the visit, out of professional commonality, teachers and students of Guanggong were quite curious about the characteristics and application of new adhesives with Good resin and raised questions, and our professionals patiently answered them; Later, in the process of visiting Intensive Ecotech, looking at the clean and tidy laboratory hall, advanced pilot equipment, high-end testing instruments, etc. in front of them, the students changed the first impression of corporate taking profit as the priority, and more students took out their mobile phones to take photos of high-end equipment such as ion chromatograph, scanning electron microscope-energy spectrometer, etc., and some students sighed: doing research in such a quiet and spacious laboratory is the pursuit of every practitioner in the chemical engineering department...