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What glue is better for mending shoes? Good resin shoe glue
Views:  Update Date: Jan 31,2023

What glue is better for mending shoes? I believe that many friends have encountered such a situation - because they have worn it for a long time, or because they exercise regularly, the shoes they bought back have been tackless. After all, those shoes have been with you for so long, and you have got used to this pair of shoes, so it is a pity to throw them away at this time, because the other parts are intact; but it is also uncomfortable to wear them like this if they are not thrown away. If the sole of the shoe is cracked, and the first thing to do is to clean up the surrounding garbage after taking off the shoe. Then put the shoes in a cool and ventilated place to dry them completely. Then buy shoe glue for repair.

Good resin shoe glue1

     What glue is better for mending shoes? At this time, we need to use mending glue, Good resin shoe mending glue HN-868HK, is a multi-purpose super adhesive transparent mending glue. It's strong and durable, fully transparent. This strong adhesive multi-functional glue can assure long-term wear without taking off the glue with its super viscosity. It is a real PU shoe glue, compared with the usual shoe glue which might yellow, harden or loose; this multi-functional universal strong shoe glue is suitable for the bonding of a variety of shoe materials. Good resin shoe glue can effectively solve the problem of cracked soles, but it should be noted that after the shoes are bonded, you also need to dry the glue on the shoes before you wear them, it is best to put them aside for a period of time, and it is best not to soak the shoes with water when bonding with glue. After a while, we can see that the shoe has been glued, and it is very strong and will not break again for a long time.
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