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B7000 phone screen glue
B7000 phone screen glue

B7000 phone screen glue


Model Number:B7000 phone screen glue


Specification of Packing: barreled

Type of bonding material:synthetic resin

Feature Description:general-purpose, good touch feeling, good heat resistance

Shelf life:6 months

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Product Description
Product name Ouba B-7000 mobile phone repair glue 
Brand Europa 
Type: Superglue 
Shelf life 12 months 
Net content 60ml/bottle 
Curing 24 hours 
Color Fully transparent 
Scope of application: Mobile phone repair/3C product bonding/handicrafts/metal/ 
Electronic components, etc

Scope of application:B7000 phone screen glue
Mobile phone screen frame, display screen bonding, metal bonding, back cover dragging, jewelry appliqué, leather covering, toy repair

Performance characteristics:
The glue does not hurt hands, does not corrode, transparent, glue from a needle, high elasticity, slow drying, low viscosity, universal type

Technical indicators:
Appearance - colorless transparent liquid
How to use:
Phone Screen Bonding - Clean up dust and old glue on the surface
Squeeze the Ouba B-7000 glue to about 1MM width in the gap, pay attention to the amount of glue,  do not let the glue penetrate the mobile phone
It takes 24 hours for the bonding to be fixed
If possible, fix it with clips or rubber bands

After solidification, use a suction cup to check whether the glue is open and light leakage

Safety Precaution:B7000 phone screen glue
1. Use under ventilation conditions, smoking is strictly prohibited.
2. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. If the eye is splashed by product, please clean by plenty of water immediately and seek for doctor diagnosis in time.
3. Cover tightly after use to avoid solvent volatilization.

Storage, transportation and packaging:B7000 phone screen glue
1. This product is sealed and stored in a cool and dry place, with a shelf life of 6 months.
2. Product Storage and transportation must be accord with flammable products.

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Product Name: B7000 phone screen glue