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splicing adhesive splicing glue
splicing adhesive splicing glue

splicing adhesive splicing glue


Model Number:splicing adhesive splicing glue


Specification of Packing: barreled

Type of bonding material:synthetic polyurethane, butanone, acetone and other imported raw materials

Feature Description:high viscosity, high heat resistance, strong tensile force in the later stage:

Shelf life:6 months

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Product Description
Parameter properties splicing adhesive splicing glue
This product is a high-performance synthetic polyurethane adhesive composed of synthetic polyurethane, butanone, acetone and other imported raw materials, referred to as oily polyurethane glue

I. Product Features-
1. The product has high viscosity, high heat resistance and strong tensile force in the later stage:
2. Strong initial adhesion, small mixability, easy glue, good wire drawing resistance, comprehensive performance:

II. Scope of Application-
Mainly used in PU, rubber, PVC, TPR, EVA and other materials, especially the lamination of genuine leather materials.

III. How to Use-splicing adhesive splicing glue
This product can be used by manual brushing or automatic glue brushing machine. Application Process:
1. Surface treatment: First of all, please identify the material correctly, and do proper treatment to the surface of the adhesive before use, such as degreasing and rust removal, water removal, sanding, etc., so that the surface of the required adhesive does not contain oil stains, ash and other polluting materials. For decontamination, you can use No. 120 gasoline, tianna water, toluene or ethyl acetate and other fast-drying solvents to scrub clean and dry. For sanding, No. 0 or No. 1 sandpaper can be used to gently polish. Different materials should follow different treatment agents. The standard of selection is "similar compatibility", its use is to increase the adhesion of PU glue to the material;
2. Sizing according to the material: generally apply the glue once; The upper of the rubber shoe and the PU glue on the sole must be applied evenly, and the general coating is 0.2-
0.5mm is more suitable. The amount of glue applied to each pair of shoes is 18-26g (sole 18-26g/pair, upper 10-14g/pair).
3. Construction process: accurately identify the surface decontamination → cleaning the surface of the bonded material→ proper treatment →drying (70 5°C3-5min)→ glue→ drying (70 Shi 5°C4-5min) → lamination→ pressurization-cooling → finishing → packaging:
4. Bonding method: bond when the viscosity is maintained, that is, the material is bonded within 0-3min out of the oven; In winter, it should be bonded within 2min, and try to align and fit it well once, and the second re-lamination will affect the bonding effect;
5. Pressure method: adjust the press well so that the surface is evenly stressed, and the pressurization time can be 8-12 seconds. The greater the pressure, the better the effect, but do not change the shape of the material:
6. Poor coating will have the following effects:
If the adhesive layer is too thick, it will "increase the cost" and "some parts cannot be completely dried", and at the same time will cause "glue accumulation", etc., affecting the quality of adhesion; The uneven adhesive layer will cause undesirable phenomena such as "glue accumulation", "partial spring", "blistering" and so on.
7.splicing adhesive splicing glue  If there are other special requirements such as heat resistance or water resistance, please add an appropriate amount of curing agent to the glue or treatment agent (the general proportion is 3-5%).

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Product Name: splicing adhesive splicing glue