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welding glue liquid weld glue
welding glue liquid weld glue

welding glue liquid weld glue


Model Number:welding glue liquid weld glue


Specification of Packing: barreled

Type of bonding material:

Feature Description:

Shelf life:6 months

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Product Description
Ⅰ. Product characteristics welding glue liquid weld glue
1. Strong initial viscosity and extremely high bonding strength;
2. Wide range of uses, can bond most substrates, even wet wood can be bonded;
3. Flexible, weather-resistant, waterproof, non-embrittle, adhesion won't be affected due to the shrinkage and movement of the building;
4 will not sag, can be caulking, can be painted after drying;
5. Chemical resistance, cold resistance, high temperature resistance

Ⅱ. Scope of use welding glue liquid weld glue
Super adhesion, no punching, cause no damage to the wall, can replace nails to the greatest extent, suitable for the bonding of kitchen and bathroom hardware, wood, glass products, stone, tiles, plastics, rubber and other materials

III. Instructions for use welding glue liquid weld glue
1. Clean the construction surface to ensure that there is no oil and dust; 2. Cut the opening and closing, put on the glue nozzle, and use the seal gun to extrude the glue; Dry bonding method: (suitable for lighter materials and joints with light pressure) extrude several rows of nail-free glue in the shape of a Z, each row is 40 cm apart; Press the adhesive side to the bonding place, gently pull away for a few minutes to volatilize, and then press both sides tightly. Wet bonding method: (suitable for heavier materials); Apply nail-free glue according to the above method, and then use tools such as clamps, iron nails or screws to clamp or nail the bonding; leave the glue dry (about 24 hours) before removing the clamp. The nail-free glue can still be moved within 20 minutes after bonding, adjust the bonding position, stabilize within 2-3 days after bonding, and achieve the best effect in 7 days.

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Product Name: welding glue liquid weld glue