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 HN-701 PVC sheet lamination glue
 HN-701 PVC sheet lamination glue

HN-701 PVC sheet lamination glue


Model Number: HN-701


Specification of Packing: barreled

Type of bonding material:colorless transparent mucus, mainly wood-plastic coated building materials processing

Feature Description: The product has strong initial adhesion, high viscosity, excellent heat shrinkage resistance, suitable for wood plastic, plastic steel and other surfaces coated with wood grain paper, PVC film, can be scraped or rolled rubber operation

Shelf life:6 months

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Product Description
 HN-701 PVC sheet lamination glue  Adhesive material type: colorless transparent mucus, mainly used wood plastic coated building materials processing, product initial adhesion, high viscosity, excellent heat shrinkage resistance, suitable for wood plastic, plastic steel and other surface coated wood grain paper, PVC film, can be scraped or rolled operation

 HN-701 PVC sheet lamination glue  Viscosity: 9000-15000CPS/25°C 

This product is composed of polyurethane and other raw materials of high-strength polyurethane glue, suitable for wood plastic, plastic steel, etc 
A new generation of "laminating adhesive (door sleeve line glue) laminating glue" is polyurethane single component, with high solid composition, good cohesion, high and low temperature resistance, yellowing resistance, good fluidity and other characteristics, the film is waterproof, can be compared with German aluminum-plastic plate glue.
PVC laminating glue (door frame glue) is mainly in decorative materials, which can bond PVC film, PVC foam board, aluminum-plastic board and plastic profile doors and windows, and has a good pasting effect on the recent emerging decorative material "wood-plastic board".
    PVC laminating glue (door frame glue) is suitable for laminating with the glue machine, not suitable for hand coating.
    The covered product has good luminosity, clear pattern and no foaming, and is the preferred glue for plastic profile door and window factories and decorative material factories.
Scope of application:
1. Bonding plant: mainly used for bonding PU/PVC, and materials containing plasticizers that are easy to "re-bond";
2. Plastic door factory: mainly used for PVC rigid plastic door frame, door panel and other surface composite wood grain paper;
3. Sealing and potting
How to use:
1. Under normal circumstances, PVC wood grain film is glued on one side, roller coating and scraping.
2. The glue must be spread evenly, the thickness is consistent, to ensure that there is no glue lack and no glue accumulation, and the glue thickness can be adjusted appropriately according to the thickness of the film and the weather.
Precautions for use:
1. When used for EVA pasting PVC, the EVA surface should first go through EVA treatment water, and then dry  HN-701 PVC sheet lamination glue before passing the laminating glue (door sleeve line glue);
2. When used in plastic door factories, it generally needs to be diluted with solvent;
3. Due to the high viscosity and solid content of the laminating glue (door frame glue), it can also be used for sealing and potting.

Product Introduction:
Good HN-701 coating rubber was successfully launched in Building Materials Factory in Huadu, Guangzhou
Recently, Good Resin came to a building materials factory in Huadu, Guangzhou to carry out the rubber test experiment of coating rubber. Because the production of door frame is a new production line of the factory, the operation requirements for glue are simple and easy to use. In order to meet the requirements of customers, engineers and salesmen from Good went to the factory together to demonstrate the gluing process of coating glue for customers.
【Test material】PVC coated wood plastic (production of door sleeve line)
【Glue Model】Coated Adhesive HN-701 (Since the factory uses the coating glue for the first time, our technicians recommended the factory to use this type of covering glue which is easy to operate)
【Operation method】Roll glue
There are generally two methods of coating glue: scraping and roller coating. Since the customer is using the production line for the first time, relatively unfamiliar to the operation, and the scraping demands more skill and may easily cause film breaking. Therefore, the technician of Good recommends the use of roller coating glue, which has lower operation requirements, but needs to dilute the glue before use, so that it is more convenient to roll and paint. Although the bonding effect of roller-coated glue is not as good as that of scraping, it can also meet the requirements of customers with PVC-coated wood plastic.
 HN-701 PVC sheet lamination glue 【Rubber test effect】The staff said that although it was the first attempt, but it was not difficult to operate, with the guidance of professional technicians, pointing out the matters to be paid attention to during use, the plant operator can quickly get started, completed the perfect coating of PVC and wood plastic, and the plant has officially used the multi-positive coating rubber HN-701. The coating adhesive has strong initial adhesion and high viscosity, which is a high-quality glue for wood-plastic coated building materials, and is also one of the main coating adhesives of Duozheng Company.

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Product Name: HN-701 PVC sheet lamination glue