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  • QWhy is there glue leaking on the rubber roller during the coating process and how to clean it?

    ABefore gluing, you need to set the width of the glue, in general, not all the material will be glued, there is always a certain width reserved because there will be a certain extrusion force during bonding process, causing some glue spread over the unglued area. If glue according to the exact width of the material, under the effect of pressure, the glue will also be squeezed onto the glue roller; at this time, acetone, toluene, etc. can be used to clean.

  • QHow to judge the thickness of the brush glue?

    AAfter brushing, if you can see the substrate clearly and the glue surface is even then the glue is spread thin and even; if you see a white layer, then the glue is too thick.

  • QHow to apply Good water-based PU adhesive?

    A(1) Choose a soft nylon brush, row brush or paintbrush and other coating tools. (2) Coat evenly, leaving no white marks as the best coating thickness. (3) When there is no need to use, please soak the glue brush in glue to avoid the brush hair hardening and make the operation more difficult. (4) The glue brush is generally changed in every 30 minutes to avoid uneven brushing after the glue brush becomes hard.

  • QCan the water-based PU adhesive works normally at room temperature after drying?

    ACan the positive water-based PU adhesive works normally at room temperature after drying? No

  • QCan Good water-based PU glue be dried at room temperature?

    AA: (1) Yes, but it takes a long time, and it needs to be heated and activated for its viscosity after drying at room temperature. (2) The drying of Good water-based PU glue is suitable for drying from the inside to the outside, from low temperature to high temperature slowly, short time is not conducive to the drying of the inner layer of glue.

  • QHow to judge whether the Good water-based PU adhesive is fully dry?

    A(1) The position of the fully dried adhesive film or glue line is transparent, leaving no milky white traces. (2) When it's not fully dried, the position of the adhesive film or glue line is translucent, or there are milky white glue marks. (3) When the glue is not dried thoroughly, there will be obvious wire drawing phenomenon, and even water slurry extrusion, which directly affects the bonding effect.

  • QCan the water-based PU adhesive be combined with an oil-based surface treatment agent?

    AYes, but the next process can only be carried out after the treatment agent is completely dried, and the drying of the surface treatment agent will directly affect the drying of the Good water-based PU glue.

  • QCan oil-based PU adhesive be used with Good water-based PU adhesive?

    A(1) The same series of products can be used together, but it is necessary to wait for the former brushed product to dry completely before brushing the latter product. (2) When they are used together, the painting tools cannot be mixed.

  • QHow to keep the adjusted Good water-based PU glue fresh?

    A(1) In order to prevent the moisture of the glue from volatilizing, it can be sealed with plastic wrap or covered with a lid. (2) The container containing the Good water-based PU glue should not be too close to the oven to avoid accelerating the volatilization of moisture. (3) The components that have skin formation cannot be redissolved in water and need to be cleaned and discarded so as not to affect the brushing.

  • QCan the adjusted Good water-based PU glue still be used the next day?


  • QHow long can the adjusted Good water-based PU adhesive last?

    A(1) According to the proportion of hardener added, the usage time is different, usually lasts for 4-6 hours. (2) In addition, affected by the preservation and placement environment of the glue, the glue may be prematurely skinned or granulated, thus affecting its performance.

  • QCan Good water-based PU adhesive be diluted? How to dilute it?

    A(1) Yes, it is recommended to dilute with deionized water or purified water, which must be stirred well. (2) Determine the proportion of addition according to the demand, the amount of addition will affect the performance, and it is easy to shorten the usage time of the glue. (3) The glue must be used in time after dilution, and the stability of the diluted glue is significantly reduced so it should not be put for a long time, otherwise the delamination fails.

  • QCan Good water-based PU glue be used without hardener?

    AWhen making shoes, a hardener must be added to the Good water-based PU glue. Because whether it is molding or bottom processing, there are high performance requirements for glue initial adhesion, post-force, heat resistance, aging resistance, hydrolysis resistance, etc., so it is necessary to improve the performance of glue with the help of additives such as hardeners.

  • QCan an oil-based hardener be added to the Good water-based PU adhesive?

    ANo, it is best to add a Good water-based special hardener to the Good water-based PU glue, and the addition of oil-based hardener may not be easy to stir evenly, resulting in poor colloidal crystallization, and the effective content of the oil-based hardener is insufficient, and the unit addition amount can not meet the reaction needs of the high solid content of the Good water-based PU glue.

  • QCan organic solvents be added to diluted Good water-based PU glue?

    ANo, not only the stirring is uneven, but also it's easy to cause the glue demulsification and delamination failure. If it must be added, it is recommended to choose amphoteric solvents, that is, solvents that can be dissolved in water or slightly soluble in water, to facilitate stirring evenly, but the proportion should not be too high.